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Become a VIP member


Become a V.I.P member to enjoy all the benefits it brings.

VIP's can access to FREE auctions for V.I.P members only


"A single purchase of £50 is enough to get the V.I.P status "


V.I.P members
To become a V.I.P member, you need to make a single purchase of at least £50. Make this purchase when you want: you will immediately get the V.I.P status as you make a purchase of at least £50.

V.I.P status expiration
You loose your V.I.P status one month after the date of your last purchase you made.
If you are a V.I.P member, the logo above will appear in the right menu of your account.

Fee auctions
You do no need to use any credit to participate to such auctions. Only the V.I.P have access to such auctions.



Receive 2 bonus credits upon registration.
Become a V.I.P member to enjoy all the benefits it brings.
You are paid back thanks to Premium Credits!
Lowest Unique Bid
The bidder who places the lowest unique bid wins the auction 

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