How it work?

"Lowest Unique Bid" auction : the lowest and unique bid wins!

The lowest unique bid wins the auction

  • Place the price that you want
  • If your bid is unique and is the lowest among unique bids, you win the auction!
  • If you place the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th best unique bid : you win bonus credits (up to 100 bonus credits for the 2nd one).

Lowest Unique BidThe Lowest unique bid auction gives you the opportunity to buy brand new products at very low price. The winner is the bidder who has placed the closest bid to 1 pence (£ 0.01) and that no one else has placed (unique bid).

In this example you can see that:

- Only 1 bid at £ 0.03 has been placed
- Only 1 bid at £ 0.04 has been placed
- Several bids have been placed at £ 0.01, £ 0.02 and £ 0.05

Currently, the lowest unique bid is £0.03

If another person places a bid at £ 0.03 before the end of the auction, £0.04 will become the lowest unique bid.

Auction rules:

We have defined 2 types of auction rules, they have a direct impact on your auction strategy:

  • NO-LIMIT auction: You can place as many bids as you wish on the auction: the displayed information allow you to adjust your strategy and place a new bid if you wish.
  • LIMIT auction (ex: 50 Bids max.) : You can place a limited quantity of bids on the auction. Your auction strategy must be defined from the beginning of the auction in order to identify quickly the lowest unique bid.
    To balance this limit, the system displays 2 additional status : Not unique bid "too high" / Not unique bid "too low".

Common information to LIMIT and NO-LIMIT auctions:

  • All bids are blind, it means that they remain secret untill the end of the auction.
  • As soon as you place a bid, you can see if : 1) it is the lowest unique bid, 2) it is a unique bid, but too high, or 3) it is not a unique bid.
  • For "Not Unique" bids: you can see the number of participants that placed the same bid, and you can see their pseudo by clicking on "See details".

Other things to know:

  • All Unique Bid auction are limited by time.
  • You can place single bid, or multiple bids: in this case, your bids will be automatically placed within the price range that you set.

If there is no "Lowest Unique Bid" at the end of the auction, then nobody wins, and the auction re-start.

If there are one or more Unique Bids, the winner who has placed the lowest bid is informed by email. He is then entitled to order and pay the product (prices are VAT included, excluding shipping and handling fee). The product will be shipped directly to the address that the winner has specified in his online account.


"Express" auction : buy when you like the price

Buy at the price you are willing to pay

  • Each time you click on "Show price", the price decreases by £ 0.30
  • Each request of "Show price" costs between £ 1.00 and £ 1.50
  • When the price appeals you, you buy!

Express AuctionThe starting price is equal to the market value of the product. The price descrease by £ 0.30 each time you click on "Show price", you then have the opportunity to buy the product at the displayed price.

A new and simple way to buy brand new products at very attractive prices !

You can buy credits, right after your registration.

When you place a bid, you can see the followings:

1. The current price has decreased by £ 0.30
2. The current price is displayed
3. You have the opportunity to buy the product immediately

Don't hesitate too much, someone else might buy the product before you.





Credits required for each bid

In order to be able to participate to an auction, you need to register as a member and to have credits available in your account. Credits can be purchased or free.


Should you have any questions, please read our F.A.Q. section or read the Rules in the Terms and Conditions of Use.