How does it work?
PrivateHightech is a reversed auction website offering Lowest Unique Bid auctions and Express Auctions. More details about each type of auction are provided on this page.

What is a lowest-unique-bid auction?
The winner in a lowest-unique-bid auction is the one who has placed the lowest unique bid. The lowest unique bid refers to the lowest bid which no other participant has placed. (See illustration under How it works). This means that you can acquire products at a very low price.

Are the items second-hand?
No, everything is brand new! Each item comes with its waranty and is delivered by our partner (Amazon, Pixmania,...).

How do I participate?
In order to participate in an auction you have to place a bid. This is done while the auctions are running. Click on the item you are interested in and follow the instructions.

How do I place the lowest unique bid?
PrivateHightech is based on a computer program which automatically monitors all of the bids that are placed - this enables the program to identify the lowest unique bid. First, the system scans all of the unique bids, and then a second scan is done where the lowest of these bids is found. The challenge to the bidder, which is a challenge that requires skill, is to place a bid on a unique number, but a number that is still very low.

When do the auctions start and when do they finish?
New items are continuously listed at PrivateHightech . The auctions close at specific dates which are stated on the website.

What happens if my bid is the lowest unique bid at the end of the auction?
After the auction has ended, we will send an invoice to the email address you have provided in your member profile. The invoice is based on the amount you have placed + shipping costs. Please make sure that the address stated in the invoice is correct, and then proceed to pay the amount by clicking on the link provided in the email. The auction item will be delivered once you have provided payment.

What happens if there are no unique bids?
This situation is highly unlikely. Should it happen, PrivateHightech will inform all participant and will extend the auction for another time period.

Can I withdraw a bid?
A bid that has been submitted cannot be withdrawn.

What is the delivery estimate for the items on auction?
Items are normally delivered 1-3 weeks after the invoice has been paid. In rare cases there may be delays from the product manufacturer that prevents PrivateHightech from delivering the item to the winner within 4 weeks, and in these cases PrivateHightech pledges to notify the customer of the delay and explain the circumstances. All items are delivered by courier, to the address specified in the winner’s PrivateHightech account.

Can I auction off my own items at PrivateHightech ?
No, it's not possible

What is an multiple bid?
An multiple bid is an easy way of placing bids on every amount within a specific interval, for instance between 15 cents and 25 cents (11 bids). All bids from 15 to 25 are then placed in one go. The result of your interval bids are easily monitored under current bids on “my account”.

How much does it cost to place a bid?
The bidding fee varies depending on the item, and is clearly stated on the page for each item.

If I place a bid which is too high, can it still be the lowest unique bid at the end of the auction?
Yes, the lowest unique bid changes during the course of the auction, which means that the amount which is currently the lowest unique bid, is not necessarily so at the end of the auction.

Is a lowest-unique-bid auction in fact a form of lottery?
No, a lottery operates on pure chance. In a lowest-bid auction, the participant can affect the course of events and thereby also the result.

How to get Premium Credits?
You are paid back thanks to Premium Credits! You don't lose your VIP Credits!
- VIP Credits spent on an auction you don't win become Premium Credits.
- Premium Credits become Bonus Credits as soon as you buy a new Credits Pack.
- Premium Credits cannot be used to participate to an auction. Only VIP Credits or Bonus Credits allow you to particpate to an auction.

How many Premium Credits are on my account?
All the VIP Credits spent on an auction that you don't win become Premium Credits. To convert Premium Credits into Bonus Credits, you have to buy a new BidPack.